Lectins Are The New Gluten

LECTINS ARE THE NEW GLUTEN   As I mentioned in my previous blog ‘What you don’t eat is more important than what you do eat’, I believe lectins are going to eclipse gluten within the

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

FAR INFRARED SAUNA THERAPY Far infrared saunas are a relaxing and enjoyable way of giving your whole body a gentle detox but their therapeutic effects go way beyond just detoxification. Far Infrared Saunas stimulate healing

Ten Steps to Great Health

TEN STEPS TO GREAT HEALTH Good health is a lifestyle choice   Nearly all modern health problems are linked to the unnatural environmental in which we now live. So, it is at the environmental

My Gluten and Dairy Unfree Diet – Day Six

DAY SIX Senior doctors have recently called for ‘basic’ training in nutrition to be incorporated into the medical school curriculum as they have no idea about the relationship between food and health. Since your body

My Gluten and Diary Unfree Diet – Day Two

DAY TWO In spite of a lack of sleep, I prepared to spend the day at my laptop preparing client programmes and dispensing remedies.  Having woken too early, I felt irritable. Tasks took me twice