Be Sceptical

EMFs are a form of incoherent radiation which interferes with the body’s own electrical circuits and causes free radical damage, speeding up ageing. The market is flooded with tachyons, pendants and so on, but most are useless or offer little protection.  Blocking is not an option as the devices themselves would not work. The best way to protect against EMFS is to generate a healthier and stronger field.


Blushields produce scalar frequencies, which are also found in the natural environment, so the body preferentially latches on to them instead. Scalar generators were first introduced in WW11 by the US Navy, when they were built into radar equipment to protect navigators. According to Donna Fisher, author of ‘The EMF Plague’ articles and the book ‘Light that Heals’, has found the Blushields scalar generators from New Zealand exert a protective effect, and they are now available in the UK.

Blushields require an energy source (battery or electrical socket) as they are actively generating a counter energy.

For the techies out there, Blushields contain a microprocessor which generates changing frequencies. (After a while, the body stops responding to the same frequency, e.g., Schumann.) Scalar frequencies use the Phi ratio wave form within the normal human range which sets up sympathetic resonance in the body similar to a tuning fork. Four overlapping waves are used to match the four proteins in our DNA. This generates a biocompatible frequency which restores natural body rhythms including brain waves, allowing us to restore coherence. Scalar frequencies occur in the natural, but not urban environment, so our bodies are primed to respond to them. Blushields were tested for two years before being released.

The Effects of Blushields on the Body

  • Restore coherence to the body’s electrical circuits.
  • Restore cell charges which are altered by EMFs. This is especially important for mineral uptake, organ function and in preventing headaches and poor circulation.  Red blood cells are repelled by their electrical charges allowing them to flow freely through the blood vessels. When they lose their charge, they clump together making it difficult to get into capillaries. This can cause poor circulation and band-like migrainous headaches and interfere with iron binding increasing the risk of anaemia.  Dark field microscopy has shown blood cells to un-clump following Blushield use.
  • As energy is diverted to healing, you may feel more tired at first. But this should be offset by feeling less stressed and more able to cope with life’s challenges.
  • Help with brain fog, elevate mood and improve sleep. EMFs impair production of calming neurotransmitters and have a stimulatory effect on the brain preventing alpha and delta waves and the production of calming neurotransmitters like serotonin, GABA, melatonin and GABA.
  • Repair the bioelectric field around the body.
  • Repair sperm (sperm mitochondria are damaged by radiation).
  • Normalise energy production in cells.
  • Boost immunity by increasing the white blood count. Like viruses, EMFs enter cells, stimulating an immune response. In this respect, EMF exposure is similar to having a chronic viral infection.  EMFs are linked to chronic infections especially Borrelia which is linked with Lyme disease, inflammation, allergies and autoimmunity.
  • Boost detox. In some people, there may be a detox, such as cold or flu. The more depressed the immune system, the longer it takes before there is a reaction, but it can happen within three to ten days or up to six weeks in cancer patients. If you notice a detox reaction and want to slow it down, you can simply turn the device off for a couple of hours.

The Blushields Range

  • Rechargeable credit card-sized personal protector £225) to wear when you go out
  • Plug-in for your home or work place (small £299, large £599 or Ultra £779).
  • Home pack (small plug-in and portable £475 saving you £49)

The portable generates a three-meter spherical field of scalar energy; the small plug-in a 90-meter field and the more powerful large plug-in, 180 meters. The large and the ultra are recommended if you have a lot of wi-fi, are near a mast or Smart meter, or pick up signals from neighbours.  It is recommended that you clean up your work/home environment and just use the portable when out.

Blushields come with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Mobile Phones

Keep turned off and use minimally. If you have a mobile phone, place a Pong cover over the back and wear that side against your body. Don’t use a cover that enclosed the phone as the emission increase as it needs to work harder searching for a signal. Pong covers for iPhones are available from and for Samsung Galaxy from as they have to be imported from The US.

Never hold the phone against your head, and use an air tube ear piece instead (from Eve or eBay).

Go wired

Get rid of wi-fi (wireless) and replace it with a wired internet connection.  This can be achieved by placing D-LAN plugs in sockets connected to leads from the router, and internet (ethernet) connection is achieved when plugging into the socket.  D-LAN plugs are widely available from electrical stores.  For more information please visit the Beneficial Environments website.  Beneficial Environments can survey your home or workplace to measure EMF output, and also supply earthing plugs, filter plugs for dirty electricity and other forms of EMF protection.

Use Corded Phones

DECT phones have almost as strong a signal as a phone mast. Get rid of cordless phones and replace them with old fashioned corded phones (£10 John Lewis).  If you must have a cordless phone, the safest are Siemens Gigaset which only emit when in use, and can be used on speakerphone to avoid holding against your head.


Make sure your electrics are properly earthed and clean up the electrical current by using a Stetzer filter(Stetzer filters from Beneficial Environments).


Use halogen or LED bulbs.  Avoid fluorescent lights and lights with electrostatic frames.

The bedroom

The bedroom should be a calm environment. Don’t have a TV, phone, iPad or computer in the room.  Sleep in a wooden rather than metal framed bed. Replace digital alarm clocks with the old-fashioned clock face or ones that do not emit radiation. Never use an electric blanket.  Use the far infrared sleep system available from They are not on the website but do call Mark on 01727 602022 and mention my name, as Get Fitt prefer to work with practitioners and doctors as far infrared saunas also have a therapeutic effect.

For more information or to order a Blushield please see and

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