Hydration is Key

Your body contains about 70% salty water and unless you are hydrated it is impossible for your cells to work properly or for healing to take place. Tea, coffee and alcohol do not encourage hydration and the molecules of tap water, which is heavily processed, are too large to easily pass into our cells. This is why nearly everyone today is dehydrated.

Proper hydration is a key component to health and is very powerful. When first drinking natural water, there may be a detox reaction as waste is flushed out of the cells. 

Water’s main recognised functions are to:
• Dissolve and hold nutrients in suspension
• Transport nutrients to the cells
• Remove metabolic waste
• Remove environmental toxins
• Activate cellular energy

YVE-BIO® filter systems

In mimicking the gravitational passage of water over rocks, combined with 7 – 9 filtration stages, (remineralisation, alkalisation and oxygenation), the YVE-BIO Water Filter also harmonises the molecular structure of water. And there is no wastage (unlike reverse osmosis systems).

The YVE-BIO® filter systems  are economic to run as filters only need changing between 6 months and three years, it makes the acid/alkaline balance the same as healthy blood and oxygenates the water. This is particularly important today as most of us are oxygen deficient due to shallow breathing and reduced levels of oxygen in the atmosphere.

The YVE-BIO® filter systems  is available in either 7 or 12 litre models and it is made from food grade neutral plastic which is BPA and phthalate free. The Eva Water Filter has the option of a far infrared filter which adds photons to the water which boost cell energy production and immunity.

YVE-BIO® filtration systems 

in the pages from YVE-BIO® filters show that filter our tap water in the natural manner demonstrated to us by nature.

The water runs through the high-density ceramic filter with a pore size of only 0.2 µm (micrometres). The ceramics filter out up to 100% of germs, bacteria, sediments and other harmful substances. Up to 90% of nitrates are bound in the filter cartridge containing charcoal (without nano-silver), ceramics and other mineral substances, and harmful substances are minimised. The water is re-mineralised by the mineral shell and energised by the natural flow and turbulences. In addition, the water tap contains a magnet that causes the water to rotate clockwise. This is the basic principle of the various models. Additionally EM pipes (effective micro-organisms) provide for antioxidative water, and the water stones (precious stones) make it energy-rich.

The YVE-BIO® Alstar 700 All-in-One brings the water into an even higher alkaline range. In addition, the water obtains a hexagonal structure thanks to the installed twister. See our test results in the information section.



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