Ask yourself…

Have you been told you have to learn to live with a health problem or have niggling symptoms that don’t completely go away? 

Has your get up and go got up and gone? 

Would you prefer not to take drugs if there were a natural alternative?

Although you will find information about different health problems on this site, targeting treatment at the symptoms or the diagnosis is often less effective than addressing the issues that led to the problem in the first place.  This is what natural medicine is all about.  It is holistic because it looks beyond the diagnosis – which usually represents the tip of the proverbial iceberg – to what is going on in the body as a whole.

Holistic medicine also means using a multi-targeted approach incorporating personalised diet plans  that support your unique genetic make-up, adapting your lifestyle to reduce some of the challenges of 21st century living and using cutting edge treatments like far infrared saunas and Physiokey (the German Scenar), which can be effectively combined with natural therapies . The aim is to reignite your body’s capacity to heal itself which is not the same as simply getting rid of a symptom. The focus is not on the diagnosis but on you as a person, as your individual health needs are likely to be completely different to another person even if they have the same health problem as you.

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