Therapeutic Baths

THERAPEUTIC BATHS In my last blog Taking Water to Another Level, we looked at ways of making water purer and more hydrating to drink. But water can also be used therapeutically to bathe in, and,

Taking Water to Another Level

  TAKING WATER TO ANOTHER LEVEL   Our bodies are 75% water, and good hydration is foundational to health. This is something I highlighted in an earlier blog, Don't Medicate - Hydrate.   We are all

Alzheimer’s Disease

ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE Alzheimer’s disease has increased by 663% in American women over the last 20 years. The rates of autism (childhood Alzheimer’s) is doubling every five years. This cannot be explained by genetics. Neurological diseases

Raw Food Diets

RAW FOOD DIETS In the early 1980’s I was vegan. It was very rare – most people either hadn’t heard of it or didn’t know how to pronounce it.  After all, vegetarianism was only just

Do Weight Loss Diets Work?

DO WEIGHT LOSS DIETS WORK?   Although I think it’s probably best if I don’t get started on weight loss diets - and particularly those advocated by corporations – unfortunately, today there is no way

Can A Diet Heal?

CAN A DIET HEAL?   As I am sure you know, there is no shortage of testimonials claiming miracle cures from special diets. But do they really work and, if so, are the results sustained

Personalised Nutrition

PERSONALISED NUTRITION There seems to be no limit to the diets you can select from today.  The drawback with diets is that they usually only benefit about a third of the people who follow them,