We help people looking for a natural approach to health.

Whether you want to boost health and vitality, have a diagnosed illness or wish to reduce your risk of future health problems, matching your diet and lifestyle to your genetics is the smart way to go.

Natural medicine is based on working with the body to stimulate your innate healing processes.  But ‘natural’ doesn’t mean unscientific.  Specialised laboratory tests to measure how well your body is working can help you discover how to support any pathways that are under-performing, giving your body a chance to heal itself.

You may have heard of the benefits of adapting your diet and lifestyle to suit your genetic make-up.  Perhaps you are looking for a more scientific approach to alternative medicine – View all of our treatments

Using targeted nutritional therapy in combination with natural treatments and cutting edge medical technology provides you with the tools your body needs to heal.  This would be supported by specialist lab tests when necessary.


Natural health is based on two principles: 

1  Remove or reduce anything your body doesn’t like (this may be a food, lack of sleep or a toxin, for example)

2  Give your body lots of what it does like.

This is true preventative medicine and works far deeper than simply getting rid of symptoms.

Contrary to the old joke that living healthily just makes it feel as if you are living longer, good energy and health enable you to pack more into your life and remain active well into old age.  Ageing youthfully is within your reach.


What is Naturopathy?

Whilst drugs can be an effective way of managing symptoms and can be life-saving in acute situations, it may be more effective to promote natural healing when possible if you have a long-term(chronic) health problem.

Symptoms are often a sign that something isn’t right, rather like the warning light on your dashboard.  You can plaster it over, but the problem under the bonnet won’t go away by itself.

Cleaning out the oil filters (good bowel function and natural detox), filling your tank with the right fuel (personalised nutrition, exercise and lifestyle) and jump starting your battery (optimising cell and organ function) can help correct any underlying imbalances that can sap energy and compromise function and which precede the onset of symptoms or the later diagnosis of a disease.

Naturopathy is not so much about treating a specific disease but is aimed at empowering you to manage your own health.  By switching on natural healing mechanisms it is possible to help:

  • Reverse the disease process
  • Reduce the risk of future health problems
  • Optimise gene expression
  • Strengthen the body and boost immunity
  • Balance hormones, including insulin needed for blood sugar regulation
  • Improve mood
  • Manage weight
  • Slow the ageing process
  • Boost energy

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