The most common reason to visit a doctor today is fatigue. Sleep problems, headaches, depression and anxiety have become epidemic over the last few years. All these symptoms track back to an imbalance in the vagus nerve and poor cell energy production, caused by our cells going into shut down (cellular defence response or CDR). This can start very young – if our needs aren’t met when we are babies, for example. In my next blog, I will explain how stress and trauma led to health issues later in life and how energetic treatments such as Life Alignment can help release them. Low vagal tone and blocked cell function makes us more susceptible to toxicity, more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation from wireless technology and at increased risk of chronic infections.


We are natural forest dwellers – eating a diet high in green leaves and our brains and circadian rhythm taking their cues from natural sunlight. Today 99% of us live under artificial light, which does not provide the full spectrum we need, and surrounded by alien frequencies from mobiles, wi-fi and so on. Electromagnetic radiation blocks fat burning in cells, switching us to burning glucose instead and this can lead to fatigue, weight gain and sweet cravings. Wireless technology also blocks the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone) and the feel-good neurotransmitters such as serotonin and GABA. Looking at screens can eventually burn out the dopamine pathway leading to addictions, depression and anxiety and can also damage the retina.


We are living like zoo animals, separated from our natural habitat, eating an industrialised diet and living imbalanced lives with high levels of stress, excessive workloads and little downtime. Modern health problems are environmental illnesses and the so-called diseases of ageing are simply the accumulative effects of the modern lifestyle. Recreating the natural environment as much as possible is essential if you want to optimise your health. Here are some lifestyle factors to get you started:


  • Get good quality sleep – go to bed at 9pm. Staying awake after 10pm is achieved by the release of stress hormones and at the expense of liver detoxification. The cellular defence response is switched off by good sleep when the body re-programmes and rebuilds healthy cells. The brain can only detox when the quality of sleep is good.
  • Sleep in a room that is no warmer than 18 degrees as the body requires a cooler temperature at night and a warmer one during the day. The body may need the room to be cool – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a warm bed.
  • Sleep in complete darkness. Wrapping a black sock around your eyes is inexpensive and effective.

Circadian Rhythm Management

  • Be in touch with yours and the planet’s circadian rhythm – crucial to cell autophagy (1). Listen to light-dark cycles. Connect with your local time zone by going barefoot on grass first thing. This is called ‘grounding’ and is also a great treatment for jet lag. If you can manage ten minutes barefoot on the ground, you will significantly reduce free radical levels in your body
  • Timing of food gives the body clues about whether it is day or night. Don’t eat for 3 – 4 hours before bedtime, so your body knows it is night and starts producing melatonin. Eating within 3 hours of going to bed diverts the blood supply away from brain detox to digestion.
  • Look at natural daylight within 30 minutes of waking to tell your body it is morning. In winter, you may wish to consider a light box.
  • Activity and exercise should be done during the day and not in the evening. We are more productive in the morning and our bodies slow down in the evening.
  • Pace yourself – don’t live a boom or bust existence in which you push and then collapse as this blocks mitochondrial healing. Don’t do nothing either. We need positive stress (pushing the body a bit) rather than negative stress (pushing the body too much). If there is no post exertional fatigue after exercise, push a little harder and gradually build up.

Get into Nature

  • Nature has a calming effect whilst the urban environment is over stimulating. Hug a tree. The slow frequencies emitted by trees can calm you within five minutes. Take walks by the sea or in the country and take holidays that connect you with nature and allow you to slow down.

Enjoy Sunshine

  • Natural sunlight contains the full spectrum of light necessary for health. It charges up our cell batteries and balances circadian rhythm. Try to expose yourself to natural light within 30 minutes of waking.

Protect against EMFs

  • The frequencies used for wireless devices are incoherent to the body. But blocking these frequencies is ineffective and impractical as obviously, your devices wouldn’t work if they really did block them – and some can make things worse. Generating stronger, healthier frequencies that your body can synchronise with is the solution. EMF protection allows you to use your devices without affecting your health.


Have positive social interactions

  • A 2013 study found a link between physical health, emotional health and social enjoyment. Positive social interaction boosts positive emotions, improves vagal tone and physical health. The study also found that regular meditation and positive affirmations had positive effects on the autonomic nervous system particularly the vagus nerve. You may be around someone who is making you ill. Be engaged with people who are uplifting – don’t hang out with people who drain or stress you or who don’t value you.

Cultivate a sense of well-being

  • Your cells are listening to your vagus nerve and your thoughts to work out what sort of environment you are in. Is it safe? Are you happy? If not, the vagus nerve, an important nerve between the brain and body, can lose tone which can cause many health issues.

Keep a gratitude journal

  • Gratitude is a high vibrational frequency emotion like love.

Resolve Trauma

  • Unresolved trauma holds the body in CDR as memories are held in the cells. In addition to counselling, energetic release of trauma from the emotional energy body, beliefs from the mental energy body and from the cells themselves is essential. Life Alignment, family constellation therapy, homeopathy and flower essences are energetic treatments that can help clear past traumas. You may not be aware of a trauma if it was way back – it may simply have gone straight to the subconscious – or it may even be ancestral and may have been passed down epigenetically.


  • Some studies suggest that laughter can improve vagal tone and increase levels of beta-endorphins.


  • Saunas improve circulation and detoxification and far infrared saunas are especially good for this. Far infrared is absorbed from sunlight.

Cold Therapy

  • Cold showers and being exposed to cold improve vagal tone and activate cholinergic neurons. Cold exposure boosts mitochondrial levels and parasympathetic activity. Splash your face with cold water.


  • Hot and cold showers, starting and ending with cold, are good for stimulating the mitochondria, circulation and immune system. You gradually acclimatise by turning the temperature down slowly – don’t jump straight into a cold shower!

Deep Breathing

  • 7777 (or 4444) breathing. Breathe in, to the count of 7, hold for 7, breath of for 7, hold for seven and repeat seven times.

Intermittent Fasting

  • Positive stress on the body, such as intermittent fasting stimulates numbers and efficiency of mitrochondria and rebalances vagal tone (Book: ‘Fast 800’ by Michael Mosely).

Massage and Reflexology

  • In a 2012 study, premature infants who were massaged gained more weight more quickly due to improved vagal tone. Reflexology also improves vagal tone, decreases sympathetic modulation and decreases blood pressure. Lymphatic massage is particularly recommended, but it is important to be well hydrated and be taking binders such as zeolite to mop up any toxins released from tight muscles.

Wave Vibration

  • Standing on an oscillating plate activates the vagus nerve by creating positive stress on the body in a similar way to exercise.


  • Don’t take stimulants or processed foods. Eat Paleo style with the emphasis on greens. As forest dwellers, leafy greens made up a large part of the ancestral diet. The mitochondria thrive on chlorophyll, the pigment that makes plants green.

Good hydration

  • Invest in a good water filter, such as the Yve-Bio.

Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids

  • Several studies have found that the fish oils EPA and DHA improve vagal tone and heartrate variability – which is directly linked to vagal tone. However, because of contamination of the oceans with toxins such as mercury and PCBs, and tendency to rancidity, it is not recommended to supplement with fish oils. DHA is found on the outer mitochondrial membrane but is damaged by EMFs (2), Eating one raw oyster per day contains enough DHA to repair all your mitochondria.

Nose breathing

  • Alternate yogic nostril breathing helps put the body into parasympathetic – the state for relaxation and repair.

Air Filtration

  • Because of the high levels of pollutants in air, including exhaust fumes and aluminium, many people now recommend installing air purifiers



  1.  Autophagy is the destruction of unhealthy cells. Mitophagy is the destruction of unhealthy mitochondria. This is important for preventing cancer.
  2. Electromagnetic radiation from Wi-fi, mobiles, routers, etc