Good health is a lifestyle choice


Nearly all modern health problems are linked to the unnatural environmental in which we now live. So, it is at the environmental level that your health problems need addressing. Your body depends upon an interactive relationship with the natural environment for health. Artificial lighting, heating and E.smog block the cues that tell your body what time of day or what season it is, without which it cannot produce the right hormones at the right time, and the organs may lose their daily rhythms. Connecting barefoot with the earth has multiple healing effects – please watch this You Tube video. Before treating any health problems, clean up your internal and external environment.

1 Dehydration

Tap water contains toxins, recycles drugs including The Pill, and electromagnetic radiation, and has a damaged molecular structure that cannot easily get into cells.

Spring water

If you don’t have access to a natural spring, filter your water and add Crystal Clear www.medicineofthefuture.co.uk/FinchleyClinic  and homeopathic spring water to increase longevity and hydration.

2 Depolarisation

This means that the electrical charges throughout your body are altered.

Restore polarisation

3 EMF Toxicity and Dirty Electricity

From wi-fi, mobiles, Smart meters, Bluetooth, Masts, baby monitors, pagers, cordless phones, microwaves, electrical appliances, computers

Use Technology Safely

4 Urban Environment

  • Your body is designed to thrive in a natural environment. Hormonal and neurotransmitter balance are dependent upon cues like sunlight and darkness and seasonal changes.
  • Avoid spending too much time looking at screens.
Natural Environment

  • Spend an hour in nature every day
  • Sun gaze first thing and last thing[1].
  • Download Lux to your computer which reduces blue light[2] as the day goes on in keeping with your natural rhythms and wear blue shielding glasses when using screens.
  • Avoid artificial light as much as possible.
  • Get as much daylight as possible.
  • Acclimatise yourself to changes in seasons – don’t rush to turn the heating on in the autumn, have cold showers to boost immunity and metabolism.
  • Get grounded by walking barefoot on the earth[3]

5 Industrialised Diet

Pesticide laden, nutritionally deficient, GM, processed, pasteurised

Superfoods Diet

  • Organic food with emphasis on plant foods freshly prepared[1]
  • Juice your own veggies to make green juices
  • Drink chaga tea to boost immunity
6 Imbalanced Lifestyle

  • Too much work and stress
  • Lack of exercise, poor posture and little down time
Balanced Lifestyle

  • Do things you enjoy every day
  • Move about – use stairs, brisk walks, cycling, Yoga, Chi Gong, Tai Chi
7 Lack of Sleep Enjoy Restful Sleep

  • Get to bed by 10pm[1]
  • Avoid blue light in the evening. Use red light bulbs, candles, Lux on screens, red glasses
  • Sleep in black out (a black sock over your eyes is great)
  • Relax and avoid work related tasks in the evening
  • Imagine tapping your meridians before sleep and if you wake at night[2]

8 Hypoxia

  • Oxygen is essential for life
  • Atmosopheric oxygen is down from 21% to 18%
  • Most of us shallow breathe
  • Chronic infections thrive in a low oxygen environment
Deep breathing

Most of us are shallow breathers due to being in a slightly stressed state.  Place your hand over your stomach and one over your chest. Breath in deeply to the count of 5, imaging you are inflating a balloon in your stomach. You should feel a pull on your diaphragm. The hand on your chest should not rise. Breath out to a count of 7. Do this for ten breaths six times daily to retrain your breathing.

9 Stress

  • Most of us live alongside a negative commentary in our heads
  • Life today is pressurised and often fear based
Manage Stress

  • Start the day by meridian tapping and do if you start to feel stressed
  • Find a philosophy about life that sits well with you and helps you cope
  • Develop healthy boundaries so that you prioritise your own well-being above everything. ‘No’ is a nurturing word
  • Avoid spending time with people who drag you down
  • Do things you enjoy every day
  • Soak in a bath to which you have added flower essences or oil for relaxation
  • Listen to music, dance, meditate, read
  • Focus on the good things in your life
10 Toxicity

  • We have between 20,000 – 30,000 toxins in our bodies, depending on age.
  • Infecting bacteria, viruses, etc. live on toxins.
Reduce your toxic burden

  • EMF protection
  • Remove metal fillings – using a dentist experienced in safe mercury removal and take zeolite to bind
  • Replace plastic food containers with glass or stainless steel

If you would like a more information on any of the following, please ask Eve:


  • Pure water
  • EMFs and how to use technology safely
  • Far infrared saunas
  • Superfood diets and recipes
  • Juicing and recipes for specific health conditions
  • Health benefits of chaga
  • Antibiotics – what you don’t know can hurt you
  • Vaccination
  • Physiokey and Sanakey treatments
  • Ionising cocktail
  • Ionising foot spa
  • Exercise
  • Breathing
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Healthy bowels
  • Therapeutic Baths


Recommended Reading:

In The Dark by Jason Bawden-Smith, Environmental Scientist

Zeolite – The Stone of Health[8] by Ingomar W Schwelz

Corporate Ties that Bind edited by Martin J Walker

Go Paleo? feeding the Urban Caveman by Eve Gilmore

The Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald Pollack

Light that Heals by Donna Fisher

The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe

Longevity Now by David Wolfe

Epsom Salts – Learn the benefits of Epsom Salts by Anne Jackson

Fasting, Juicing and Detoxing for Life by Cheri Calbom





All available from www.medicineofthefuture.co.uk/booksDVDs

[1] Sunlight stimulates zinc uptake in the pineal gland and adrenal function to boost energy in the morning. Blue light tells the body it is time to get up and go. The red hues of sunlight at the end of the day stimulate the production of sleep hormones in the brain.

[2] Blue light from screens damages the retina, leading to macular degeneration.

[3] Watch this 20 minute You Tube presentation on the importance of earthing.

[4] Suppliers: www.riverfordorganic.co.uk, www.frenchs-farm.co.uk, www.sarahgreensorganics.c.uk, www.medicineofthefuture.co.uk/superfoods, local farms and supermarkets.  If eating dairy, raw (from farms). Raw butter and cheese from Waitrose.

[5] Between 10pm and midnight is a time for repair. If you are using energy being awake, the body’s natural repair mechanisms are reduced.

[6] Go through the tapping routine in your head if you cannot sleep followed by a slow, deep breath. If you go wrong, or your mind wanders, go back to the top of the head again. This is the secret!

[7] Antibiotics attack YOU. Biotic means ‘life’.

[8] From Eve.