Chaga Mushroom

I am a great fan of superfoods, especially ones that taste delicious and  have powerful healing properties. The continuing discoveries of antioxidants, phytonutrients and polyphenols (which may be more important than vitamins and minerals) means

Scenar, Physiokey and Sanakey – the future of medicine?

Scenar Scenar, Physiokey and Sanakey are small hand-held devices that use neuro stimulation to treat pain and common complaints, relax tight muscles and to kick-start healing in chronic conditions. Professional treatments with the Physiokey

Lyme Disease – Or a damaged Biome?

With so much publicity in the media about Lyme Disease, you may be wondering if you or someone you know may have it.  Lyme Disease has been linked to many modern health problems such

Alternative Weight Loss Treatments

Alternative treatments for weight loss address the root cause rather than trying to trick the body into losing weight.  This is a short sighted approach which usually results in any weight lost being

Natural Treatments for Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress are a major scourge today, affecting nearly all of us to some degree.  Our modern lifestyles which are time short and fast paced leave many of us feeling overwhelmed.  Adequate rest and

ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The most common reason for doctors’ appointments is fatigue. Although our energy levels have declined in recent years due to changes in work and lifestyle, debilitating fatigue making it difficult to lead a normal life


Extremely rare a few decades ago, infertility has now become commonplace affecting around one in five couples in the developed world. It too is an environmental illness which is why natural treatments for infertility can

Cravings and Compulsive Eating

It's Not All in Your Head Food cravings and compulsive eating are symptoms of a deranged metabolism and can be improved by avoidance of certain commonly eaten foods. Food additives, artificial sweeteners and sugar


Fibromyalgia means ‘pain’ (algia) in muscles (fibrous tissue), and statistics show that around 3 million, or 1 in 25 suffer from it in the UK, and numbers are similar for the rest of