Scenar, Physiokey and Sanakey are small hand-held devices that use neuro stimulation to treat pain and common complaints, relax tight muscles and to kick-start healing in chronic conditions. Professional treatments with the Physiokey are available here at Arc Healthcare and it is now possible to buy a home device (Sanakey) that you can use for you and your family.

Sanakey is for home use and Physiokey is for professional use. The Physiokey has more settings and is able to take readings from the body and deliver deeper acting treatments at targeted points.

You simply move the device over the skin which is usually be felt as a pleasant tingling sensation. It has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and is also a great stress buster. Information is collected relating to tissues and organs connected via the ectodermic layer. It then becomes the Dr Dolittle of the cellular world, prompting and stimulating the nervous system to produce neuropeptides (nerve chemicals that are considered the most powerful of healing elements) in a response that is immediate and long lasting.


Electromagnetic radiation and toxins cause cells to reverse their electrical charge and when this happens they reject healing impulses from the brain. This is a major stumbling block in fatigue related and chronic illnesses. The correct polarity (charge) is restored by scenar, Physiokey and Sanakey and continues for several days.

The Physiokey is used by:

  • Medical advisers of the German National Freestyle Ski Team
  • The Olympic Training Centre in Berlin
  • The official physiotherapist for the German Athletic Assocation
  • The drivers of Formula 3 and Formula 4 motor sports
  • The team doctor to the National American Football Team
  • Sandra Gal – German’s most successful golfer
  • The medical team at the Olympic Training Centre in Frankfurt
  • The physiotherapy team of German’s first league soccer players
  • Physiotherapy Support Unit at the German State Ballet and Opera House in Berlin
  • Davis Cup physiotherapists for Serbia
  • and countless doctors and therapists throughout Germany and Austria.

 The Sanakey is used by:-

  • The national soccer team of Sauda Arabia
  • Catherine Klaas – German master hammer throwing champion 2014
  • Carolin Schafer and Claudia Rath – members of the German Heptathlong national team
  • Players in the German National Football Team
  • Players in German’s premier soccer league
  • Lane Beachley – 7 times world champion surfer

Scenar, Physiokey and Sanakey also:-

  • Pick up information about the inner organs from nerves radiating out from the spinal cord working directly on local spinal reflexes
  • Act on A, B and C nerve fibres creating powerful neuropeptide cascades
  • Restore natural homeostasis (normal function) and sympathetic/parasympathetic balance[2].
  • Eliminate repetitive central nervous system patterns that lock you into ill health
  • The Physiokey and Sanakey have a special setting that will enhance absorption of nutrients and creams through the skin (good for face lifts and tight muscles).
  • Produce signals that also reach the mesoderm, tightening sagging muscles (helpful in some types of constipation and also used for non-surgical face lifts).

No unwanted side effects have been demonstrated in over 30 years of use in Russia and Europe. The only absolute contra-indication is for cardiac pacemakers or other electrical implants and epilepsy.

Home Treatment

Sanakey is simple to use and designed for family use.  It is only available from practitioner referral so you will need to enter this code on the order form:  EG9202.  This ensures that you have support in the use of the device.

It is advisable to have treatment from a professionally trained scenar/physiokey practitioner or doctor. There is the option to treat yourself at home by purchasing a Sanakey.  

Sanakey comes with a 2 year warranty, a comprehensive instruction manual, access to online videos and a phone app (£6.25) in which you can enter your health problem and it will show you which setting to use and where on the body to treat.

If you have been diagnosed with a chronic health problem or pain, fill in the VAT Declaration on the website which exempts you from 20% VAT, bringing the price down to £635.

I am a Scenar, Physiokey and Sanakey Practioner in Essex. If you would like to arrange a consultation or treatment please visit the Contact Us page.




Rather than wearing protective devices, the impact of EMFs on your body can be neutralised by Scenar, Physiokey, Sanakey, far infrared sauna-ing, and drinking shungite water and chaga mushroom tea.

Stress is characterised by ‘fight or flight’ known as Sympathetic Dominance.  The Parasympathetic should switch on at night enabling your body to heal and repair. In chronically stressed or anxious this doesn’t happen, speeding up ageing and blocking healing.