Our bodies are 75% water, and good hydration is foundational to health. This is something I highlighted in an earlier blog, Don’t Medicate – Hydrate.


We are all familiar with the idea that water comes in the three states: solid (ice), liquid and vapour (steam).  However, research has revealed that water has a fourth state.


The link between EZ water and longevity

EZ stands for exclusion zone – a negatively charged area of water that repels everything, including toxins, which is why it is called exclusion zone water. Author of the book The Fourth Phase of Water, Dr Pollack, explains more about this in his TED talk of November 2016.


EZ water was first discovered by Dr Henru Coanda[1].  One single, negative hydrogen atom with added electrons is found in water consumed by communities noted for their longevity.  They are found in: Hunzaland in the Himalayas, Vilcambamba in Ecuador, Georgia in Russia, Mongolia and Peru.  Studied for over 40 years by Dr Henri Coanda, who was trying to discover the secret of their longevity, realised that even though the diets of each was different, their water was the same. It had a different freezing point, different boiling point, different viscosity and surface tension and other variants from ordinary water.


Before his death he passed his research notes to Dr Patrick Flanagan who then embarked on a 30+ year investigation in an attempt to duplicate the characteristics of these waters in the lab. This failed until Dr Flannagan (and his wife) discovered that the waters contained small, spherical silica molecules that possessed a strong surface charge called ‘Zeta Potential’[2].  Flanagan was able to reproduce this effect by using silicate spheres only a few nanometers in size, forming a molecular ‘cage’ structure in which he inserted hydrogen. The high Zeta Potential keeps cells separate in the body enabling better uptake of nutrients and improved detoxification due to their negative charge and increased surface area.


Dr William Tiller, Professor Emeritus of Material Sciences at Stanford University, has shown that exposing water to electromagnetic fields (wi-fi-,mobiles, etc.), reduces surface tension, and this could partly explain the widespread dehydration and toxin accumulation we see today.


Water and Health

Water in the human body should exist in this ‘structured’ state known as exclusion zone water. Water is needed as a catalyist, solvent and carrier for reactions and compounds. The quality of our water has a profound impact on how efficiently nutrients can be transported into, and wastes out of, our cells. It is estimated that between the ages of 30 and 70 the body loses about 15% of its capacity to retain water, partly due to a decrease in the thirst reflex and reduced renal conservation of water.


The body oscillates between two states – anabolic and catabolic. Anabolism, or repair and regeneration, occurs while we sleep and we are catabolic when active during the day. The anabolic state is mediated by the parasympathetic nervous system and the catabolic by the sympathetic.  Intracellular water is crucial, triggering an anabolic (repairing) mechanism accompanied by positive nitrogen balance (which may help the body process urea), protein synthesis and growth hormone[3] release. Properly hydrated cells create reduced acidity, increased fat burning, better DNA repair, reduced autoimmune disease, and better resistance to viruses[4].


The opposite occurs in cells that are dehydrated. The body goes into a catabolic (breakdown) state characterised by muscle wasting, low cell oxygen (hypoxia), DNA damage and accelerated ageing. As a result, the cells become more sensitive to free radicals and more susceptible to autoimmune disease and infection. Virtually all symptoms of ageing are associated with dehydration and free radical damage. You can hopefully appreciate how fundamental good water is to health and what a profound effect poor quality water can have throughout the body.


Making Water Wetter

The degree of interaction between water and what it comes into contact with is known as wetting. Water either spreads to form a thin film (wetting) or remains as a droplet (not hydrating). The angle formed between the planes tangent to the surfaces is the contact angle. A zero contact angle is complete wetting. The extent to which water is hydrating depends upon three things – surface tension, wetting tension and wetting angle. Ordinary water has a hard time hydrating the body as it has both high surface tension and a high wetting angle. Cell membranes (made of phospholipids) have low surface tension and in order to get through the membranes and into the cells, water needs to have a similar surface tension. This is why water and oil don’t mix. Tap water has a high surface tension which is fine for providing a suspension in which the cells float, but no so good for actually getting into them. Perhaps a lack of hydrating water may cause the water to pool in the extracellular matrix resulting in fluid retention.


The lower the surface tension and the lower the wetting angle, the wetter the water becomes. And it is this water that is needed for cellular hydration. The knock-on effect of drinking tap water, is that cells are not properly hydrated, energy production drops, wastes are not eliminated, nutrients cannot get into cells and metabolism switches to catabolic rather than anabolic, with the result that the body’s own tissues are cannibalised, which over time can lead to autoimmune disease.


Water is so foundational, that I don’t recommend supplements, or even switching to organic food, unless the body is properly hydrated with good quality water (and EMF protection to ensure the water stays hydrating). Good quality water means water that is filtered using a system that removes halogens such as fluoride and chlorine, and also remineralises the water. The water can then be made more hydration by the addition of Crystal Energy developed by Dr Flanagan (see above), to make it wetter.


Dr Flanagan developed Crystal Energy and MegaHydrate to be added to filtered water. What sets Dr Flanagan’s products apart from other highly-absorbent water based products is the addition of negatively charged hydrogen molecules[5], producing EZ water throughout the body.


So, if you want to take your water to another level:


If you notice a detox reaction, stop using the products and take zeolite[6] more frequently.  You can resume once you are through it.


Spring water is the healthiest and most hydrating water you can get. Spring water is mineralised from rocks, contains far infrared light (from sunlight) needed for energy and is hydrating. If you want to replicate the energy of spring water, you can also add in homeopathic spring water (from eve@medicineofthefuture.co.uk).




Eve’s Basic Ionic Mix

  • 500mls pure, filtered water
  • 1tbs Phytoplanton Powder[7]
  • 1tbs Hawaiian Spirulina
  • Generous handful Celtic Sea Salt[8]
  • Optional: magnesium flakes for more magnesium


Whisk all ingredients up in a high-speed blender or shake in a jar.  Store in fridge in airtight container.  Add 1tsp -1tbs to a glass of 50% water or water plus raw coconut water (Rebel Kitchen from Waitrose).


[1] Dr Henri Coanda was a Romanian physicist with over 500 inventions to his credit.

[2] Zeta potential is used by chemists to hold to hold material in suspension in paint, cosmetics, etc., by highly charged nano-sized particles when repel each other when in solution.

[3] Growth hormone is needed to stimulate regeneration and repair when we sleep.

[4] The changing of water from its EZ state may be one of the mechanisms by which EMF exposure contributes to chronic viral infections.


[5] The University of California Wellness Newsletter (Nov 1999) claims that research conducted at The University of Louisiana Biodynamics Institute by Dr William Pryor indicated that negative charged hydrogen ions cannot exist in water.  Either Flannagan or Pryor are correct. The both can’t be right.

[6] Pure zeolite from eve@medicineofthefuture.co.uk

[7] Phytoplankton powder from www.medicineofthefuture.co.uk/superfoods


[8] Moist Celtic Sea Salt from Eve.