This is my third day of eating gluten and dairy and it is not going well.  I’ve decided to have my daily bread first thing to get it over with and to give my body a chance to work it off during the day.  But my smoothie looked more appetising and so I chickened out and only cut myself a third, rather than the prescribed half, slice of the Duchy Originals and stuffed it down without butter. This was followed by a heaped teaspoon of Yeo Valley organic Greek Yogurt which I did enjoy and so I chucked in a dollop of goat’s yogurt for good measure.  Now for my smoothie…that’s more like it…almond and coconut milk, spirulina, black kale, sprouted sunflower greens, wild blueberries, frozen berry fruits, banana and avocado, protein powders and stevia. That’s the way to start the day! I had fleetingly thought of adding some raw cacao as I am also testing my reaction to chocolate but thought that may have been a step too far.

After a night of poor sleep, I was surprised that rather than dragging myself around at half-speed, I was hyper.  This wasn’t the good energy I enjoyed on my raw diet.  I was tired but wired and I looked as if I had been dug-up. I also felt hot but not in a good way.  This wasn’t the heat of efficient circulation (which I don’t have) but the claustrophobic, restless hot flush type of heat that defied the cold temperatures outside and which later plummeted, preventing sleep.  I welded myself against my husband and a hot water bottle, which gave up the struggle early on and became even colder than me  – the hot water bottle, not my husband who, like many husbands, is useful for his heat generating talents.

I was also aware of aching in my joints and feelings of muscle stiffness, flu-like, and unpleasant and itchy spots had started to appear on my elbows and legs.  Well, at least they weren’t on my face – yet.

I lay awake thinking this was going to be a long ten days.  What would Day Four bring, I wondered?