Vibrant health is your birth right, but you can’t take health for granted today. Modern health problems are, in reality, diseases of civilisation – the accumulative effects of modern living. And, in order to achieve optimal health, you need to know how to offset the challenges of modern life.  That is what this series of blogs is about.


If you already have a health problem, you have probably been looking for a practitioner, supplement, detox protocol or anti-microbial treatment that is going to get you well.  You have probably also spent a lot of money on this search, and have cupboards full of unfinished supplements and unused equipment.


Healing isn’t something that is done to you and it cannot be provided by a pill. It is not just getting rid of a symptom. Healing is what your body does when you remove the blocks to health and give it what it needs to repair itself.  Healing requires a healthy mental, emotional and physical environment incorporating a positive attitude, healthy relationships, contact with nature and self-nurturing habits.


Obviously, healthy eating is fundamental, but it is not enough on its own. If you regard healthy eating as a form of deprivation, then this is not for you. But if you look upon your new, healthy way of life as a journey of discovery and are excited by the new food experiences that await you, you will be amazed at how you can transform your life and your health.  There is much confusion about what constitutes a healthy diet, and this is something I will discuss in a future blog. But, first, let’s start at the beginning.


Everyone today suffers from environmental illness

You are a bit like a zoo animal, removed from your natural habitat, probably lacking exercise, eating an industrialised diet, breathing polluted air and so on. Instead of vibrant spring water, you may be drinking tap or bottled water. You may be using chemical-laden cleaning products and toiletries, or doing a job that is less than inspiring.  And all this is taking its toll on your health.


Before you leave your house in the morning, you are exposed to an average of 120 chemicals, most of which have not been tested for safety. These toxins are stored in your tissues. The average person, depending on age, has between 20 and 30,000 chemical toxins in their body which over time, can lead to disease. Your body can adapt to this for a while, but it takes a lot of energy.  Allergies, chronic inflammation and cognitive problems (poor memory and concentration) are early warning signs, and if untreated, can lead to autoimmunity and degenerative and neurological diseases[1]. Don’t accept fatigue as normal.  It isn’t.


Think yourself healthy

Health is not simply getting rid of a symptom. Drugs can do that.  First, you need to take responsibility for your health and secondly, you need to shift your focus from what is wrong with you to how healthy you can become. Obviously, positive thinking is not enough by itself, but it is where you start, as a negative mental attitude can undermine the healthiest diet.


Don’t focus on what is wrong with your body. Your body needs a healthy blueprint to aim for, so install healthy software – which can be difficult if you have been ill for a long time as you can forget what it’s like to be well.  But train yourself to replace negative thoughts about your health with positive ones. Imagine yourself as being healthy – what would it feel like, what would you do with all that energy?  What is your health holding you back from doing now? Nick Good, co-author of ‘Amazing Grace’ was once given three months to live.  He turned his health around starting by saying to himself every morning ‘I am a super-healthy, super-happy, super-successful embodiment of peace, joy and happiness’, and he adopted a lifestyle to support that.  That has to be a better way to start the day compared to thinking about where you hurt or what symptoms you have.


Most of us have unconscious energetic patterns from ancestral and past trauma that can sabotage your best efforts to get well as it negatively impacts DNA, gene expression and health.  Reference Point Therapy[2], Family Constellation Therapy[3] and flower essences can help clear these toxic energetic and behavioural patterns.


So, for your body to thrive, you need to replicate your natural habitat as much as possible. That doesn’t mean dropping out and living in a remote, rural setting or not using modern technology.  In the following blogs I will explain how you can still enjoy the benefits of modern life and enjoy great health.



[1] Children today are born to toxic parents and behavioural and learning difficulties, allergies and autism are now epidemic.  Mathematical projection shows that by 2030 one in two children in the industrialised world are likely to be affected by autism. The biggest risk factor for autism is now EMF exposure in the parents, glyphosate exposure from non-organic foods, and heavy metal toxicity.
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