Naturopathy  or natural medicine, simply means working with the body, activating its innate, self-healing responses supporting and balancing your metabolism using specific nutrients and natural remedies such as herbs.  This doesn’t mean you have to stop taking prescribed medication, although your need for drugs may reduce. It is often referred to as Functional Medicine today.

Nutritional Medicine

Hippocrates first put forward the idea of using food as medicine and this couldn’t be easier today with the availability of a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables, superfoods, juicers, blenders and so on. Key supplements and dietary changes that address your individual health needs can have a therapeutic effect way beyond that of simply boosting nutrient levels. The old saying goes ‘If you don’t use food as medicine today, medicine may become your food in future’!

Scenar, Physiokey and Sanakey

Picture of A Scenar

The Scenar, Physiokey and Sanakey are small devices about the size of a remote that help kick-start healing (which is often dormant if problems are long-term) reawakening communication between the body and the central nervous system. They mimic the body’s own nerve impulses in a biofeedback dialogue that the brain thinks has come from the body itself. This switches on healing, stimulating the release of the body’s own healing chemicals.  Ill-health results when repetitive pathological signals cannot be dealt with, so the brain eventually stops responding. In other words, it gives up trying to heal and accepts ill health as normal. For more information please see my Blog.


Originally developed by medical doctors in the 19th century, homeopathy is a form of energy medicine.  We live in a quantum soup of frequencies, which have a direct impact on matter.  This is how remedies create changes in the body. One of the reasons mobile phones and wi-fi are harmful is because they disrupt the frequencies our brains and cells use to communicate.

Studies carried out on plants show changes upon exposure to homeopathic frequencies, and alterations in the molecular structure of water have also been observed. In randomised controlled trials (the gold standard of medical research), 67 demonstrated a positive effect from homeopathy compared to 11 that did not.

In my practice I often use homocords, which are potentised nutrients such a vitamin or minerals, or herbs etc., and CEASE Therapy which is a way of removing toxins homeopathically. Antimicrobial herbs can be homeopathically ‘tagged’ with the bug they are targeting.


Autonomic Response Testing (ART)

Developed from Applied Kinesiology by Dr Kinghardt and Dr Williams in 1993, ART has more proven specificity than most forms of kinesiology and has been rigorously tested at Columbia University. The autonomic nervous system responds to anything that stresses the body and positively to anything that is beneficial. This can be measured by Heartrate Variability, pulse and muscle testing. Treatment is an integral part of testing and includes meridian balancing and switching on the parasympathetic (healing) state leaving you calm and relaxed.

Far Infrared Saunas

Far infrared saunas are a safe and gentle way to encourage release of toxins through the skin and are suitable for even the most sensitive. They stimulate healing by improving circulation, boosting cell function, raising core body temperature, boosting resilience to electromagnetic radiation and increasing your own far infrared frequencies which are often depleted in chronic illness. Far infrared rays are found in sunlight, which is why far infrared saunas are an effective treatment for the winter blues.  They are used in Japan for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Genotyping – Personalised Nutrition

Food in the shape of a question mark

Until recently it was thought that genes determined your health and vulnerability to certain diseases.  Recent research has shown this is not the case and that your environment is a more important factor than your genetic inheritance.  This great news because it puts you and not your genes in the driving seat when it comes to health.  The choices you make regarding diet, lifestyle and exercise play a key role in turning up the volume on protective genes and turning it down on those that code for disease.  Identifying your genotype takes the guesswork out of which foods you should or shouldn’t be eating and which forms of exercise are most effective for you. Genotyping a great way to regulate weight and appetite, reduce allergies and stabilise mood and blood sugar.  A genotype assessment provides you with a bespoke nutritional programme, lifelong access to online recipes and a personalised eating plan, which you can adapt as your needs change. We can now go beyond genotyping with the recent introduction of Opus 23 to the UK. Accessing your unique nutritional requirements based on your genes combines both genotyping and genetic profiling (see below) providing you with a personalised eating and lifestyle plan.

Genetic Profiling – for Specific Health Problems

DNA Strand

Testing thousands of genes that make you unique is the key to preventative medicine.  It is highly recommended if you are thinking of conceiving to give your baby the healthiest start possible or if you have fertility issues.  It is also recommended if you have a family tendency to a particular health problem or if you already have health issues.

The 23andMe test looks at thousands of genes enabling your nutrition and lifestyle to be fine-tuned to optimise healthy gene expression, reducing the risk of future health problems and addressing the root causes of any current ones. Opus 23 combines your blood group, genotype and individual genetic make-up to generate a unique nutritional and lifestyle plan just for you. Since many reactions to foods are not antibody mediated they are missed by standard food allergy testing.   Never again will you be swayed by fad diets.  You can enjoy the great energy and well-being that comes from eating according to your unique genetic make-up. For more information please fill in the contact form.

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