As of October 2016, 223 scientists from 41 nations have had papers published in peer reviewed journals on the adverse effects on health from non-ionising radiation. In 2015, the International Electromagnetic Field Scientist Appeal was presented to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Director-General of WHO, and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme and UN Member Nations.


According to published, peer-reviewed research, the effects of low intensity EMFs include:

  • Increased cancer risk
  • Cellular stress
  • Free radical formation
  • Increased permeability of the blood brain barrier
  • DNA mutations – DNA is reactive against the whole electromagnetic spectrum
  • Learning and memory deficits
  • Neurological and neurotransmitter disorders
  • Reproductive effects and infertility
  • Negative impact on well being


The evidence

Dr George Carlo found micronuclei (DNA fragments) in the blood following EMF exposure, indicating irreparable DNA damage in cells. Testing for micronuclei is a standard test to identify who is most at risk of developing cancer.


The effects of electromagnetic radiation have been studied for years. In his 1990 book, Cross Currents, Robert O Becker MD, reports on a study that showed 60-Hz magnetic fields cause “human cancer cells to permanently increase their rate of growth by as much as 1600 percent and to develop more malignant characteristics.”  Dr Becker adds “These results indicate the power-frequency fields are cancer promoters”.  Dr Havas of Trent University, Ontario, Canada,  believes cancer cells are likely to be much more aggressive in the presence of EMF fields.


In 2008 Samuel Milham, MD, former Adjunct Professor of Medicine and chronic disease epidemiologist, and Lloyd Morgan, electronics engineer and former director of the Central Brain Tumor Registry of the US, conducted the groundbreaking La Quinta cancer cluster study., showing that if you are exposed to dirty electricity/EMFs for six hours for 180 days a year, your cancer risk is increased by 25%.


Malignant melanoma and thyroid cancers have shown the highest rates of increase and the La Quinta study suggests these cancers may be more sensitive to EMFs.  The thyroid is certainly within the field of a mobile held to the head.


There is also growing evidence of harmful effects on plant and animal life.


EMFs have multiple effects on your body:

  • scramble your brain’s own electrochemical impulses, interfering with heartrate, energy production and communication between cells
  • provide environment conducive to the growth of yeasts and other pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, especially Borrelia, associated with Lyme disease, making it hard to eradicate them
  • increase risk of infertility
  • increase risk of cancer[i]
  • displace minerals
  • switch off detox mechanisms resulting in toxic build-up in body tissues
  • increase incidence of leukaemia and cancer
  • synergistic effect with other types of radiation
  • synergistic effect with other fields – increasing mould growth and mycotoxins in homes
  • interfere with DNA function
  • cause fatigue
  • interfere with energy production in the mitochondria
  • clog up the body’s energetic matrix grid and connective tissues creating a smog
  • block or interfere with energetic medicines like homoeopathic remedies
  • lower immune status (decreased Interleukin 10, increased IL-1, IL-6, decreased Natural Killer cell activity) making it difficult to overcome chronic infections.


Risks of increased sensitivity to EMFs include:

  • Weakened energy system through chronic illness – your own energy field can easily be over-powered by a stronger one
  • Heavy metal loading, especially mercury, aluminium and copper
  • Lack of iodine (iodine helps prevent radiation entering the thyroid)
  • Over-exposure, such as frequent train or air travel or lots of X-Rays
  • Living or working near a mast
  • Lack of sunlight causing deficiency in far infrared rays within your body


There are several ways you can protect yourself

It is important to look at products that claim to protect against EMF’s with a little scepticism. The market is flooded with devices that can be worn or attached to mobiles, plugged-in etc., but most are useless or offer inadequate protection whilst others may only block the less harmful frequencies, concentrating the more damaging ones, or can themselves become clogged with radiation, adding to the problem.  Since the introduction of wireless technologies, and stronger frequencies such as Smart, Tetra masts and Bluetooth, devices that were protective a few years ago are now no longer powerful enough. It is possible to assess the effectiveness of products by measuring emissions before and after protection is put in place using instruments designed for this purpose.  I also use Autonomic Response Testing in my practice.


There are three ways of protecting from EMF pollution:

  1. blocking or filtering
  2. neutralising
  3. reducing exposure – improve your EMF hygiene
  4. increasing your own body’s defences.


1  Blocking/filtering

It seems obvious that products that blocked the frequencies would prevent the devices themselves from working. The Pong phone cover may be able to do this. Dr Tom O’Bryan has found he is unable to open his car if his keys are behind his Ponged phone.  Pong phone covers for iPhones are available from and for Samsung Galaxy 4 from  You need to wear the protected side against your body and to use earphones.  Obviously, this is only going to protect you from your own mobile and not from external EMFs from other peoples’ mobiles.


Guy Hudson, of is a physicist and engineer who researched and subsequently developed protective products after suffering from EMF sensitivity himself. His products work by both deflecting and absorbing frequencies and include wallpapers, underwear, router covers and many more.  Guy will be giving a talk on EMF hygiene at 7pm on Tuesday 28th March in Leigh on Sea, Essex.  Please email: for more information.


2 Surrounding yourself with a stronger energy field

This is the basis of Schumann resonance generators ( and the whole house plug-ins ART testing has shown them to be effective for some people but may no longer be strong enough to counteract the stronger frequencies or high exposures, such as commuting, flying or working in hot spots such as offices or hospitals.  If you would like to be tested, or are interested in purchasing, I have a few left in stock.

Far infrared[1] saunas help to strengthen your own energy field but it is important to use low EMF saunas such as those used in my consulting room.

The Finish system, Qi-Technologies, used by Dr Klinghardt, is based on light frequencies: and includes a whole house system and a personal device which can be worn in the pocket when going out.  For more information, please contact

According to Donna Fisher, author of the book ‘Light that Heals, Light that Kills’ and of ‘The EMF Plague’ articles, published in Nexus 2017, has found the Blueshields to be strong enough to negate the stronger frequencies.  Blueshields have recently become available in the UK and pocket-sized personal protectors and a whole house system are available.  For more information please contact .  Phyllis Graham, of Blueshield UK, is coming to Leigh in April 2017 to talk about EMFs and will be bringing some Blueshields along with her.


3 Reduce exposure

  1. Minimise use of phones (only have your phone on you for emergencies, and have it switched off when possible)
  2. Switch your mobile off at night and store it down the garden, in the car, etc.
  3. Don’t hold a phone to your head, wear protective ear phones and place your mobile in a Pong case
  4. Don’t use a phone or laptop when in a car, train or plane as you are in a metal tube which bounces the frequencies from side to side through your body
  5. If you work at a computer, have an ivy plant on your desk and sit on a far infrared mat (
  6. If you don’t have whole house protection, turn all electrics off at night at the fuse box. This is not easy – it means waking up to no light or heating in the winter, and it does not screen out dirty electricity coming in from your neighbours.
  7. Install protective devices in your home
  8. Turn your router off at night
  9. Open windows for at least 10 minutes daily to balance positive and negative ions in your home and office or use an ioniser
  10. Replace cordless phones with corded
  11. Use wiring rather than wireless for wi-fi connections
  12. Avoid microwaving and microwaved food (see handout)
  13. Walk barefoot on grass and earth
  14. If using an earthing blanket, plug into the earth outside and not into an electrical socket
  15. Spend regular time in a natural environment like the woods, countryside, seaside
  16. Wear natural fibres
  17. Get rid of fluorescent lights or compact energy efficient lights (they are linked to neurological disorders, deplete the adrenals and contain mercury). You can order LED bulbs on the Internet.
  18. Do not wear wired bra’s as these act as antennae concentrating the radiation around the breasts
  19. Do not sleep in metal framed beds
  20. Do not use a baby monitor.


4  Boost your body’s defences against EMFs

  1. Detoxify heavy metals from your body – ionic foot spa treatments, salt baths, mineral supplementation, low EMF far infrared saunas, and take chelators (Coriandolo, Polmolo, Chlorella) and binders (Zeolite, Spirulina) –
  2. Have regular Scenar, Physiokey and Sanakey treatments (the Basic setting is the Schumann resonance)
  3. Drink shungite[ii] water and eat foods (see below) which mop up radiation in the body
  4. Sleep on a far infrared sauna or sit on a far infrared sauna pad when working at a computer (
  5. Wear a protective device such as a Blueshield or Guy’s protective underwear.
  6. Get metal fillings and crowns removed SAFELY as they set up a battery in the mouth that attracts EMFs – thyroid problems are often associated with mercury from fillings and/or EMF exposure (the other biggie for the thyroid is gluten).
  7. Eat protective foods – see below:



Pectin is found in vegetables and fruits and can be purchased as a powder and added to smoothies.  It was given to children following the Chernobyl power station leak in Russia in 1986.  Pectin binds up toxins and is available as a powdered supplement from The Natural Dispensary.



Make sure you are not low in iodine. Radiation tends to hit the thyroid hard.  If iodine status is good it helps protect the gland and mop up radiation.  You can ensure good iodine status by eating:

  • sea vegetables like dulse
  • the brown algae family (kombu, wakame, arame, hijiki). This group of sea vegetables contains alginic acid which binds with and expels radioactive substances and heavy metals.
  • samphire
  • seafood
  • fish
  • cranberries grown on bogs
  • Brazil nuts (high in iodine, rubidium and selenium)



Helps protect against radiation and was used to prevent leukaemia in Nagasaki victims after WW2. Miso is available from health food shops and can be used to flavour raw dishes, soups and stews.  It is a fermented food so may not be suited to everyone.


Boost your antioxidant intake from food (juicing, superfoods and raw food)

Antioxidants protect against the free radicals generated by radiation.  High antioxidant foods include chaga, maqui and mangosteen.


High sulphur foods

Sulphur helps bind and remove heavy metals and boosts antioxidant protection.  High sulphur foods include egg yolks, garlic, leeks and onions. Broccoli sprouts are high in sulphorophane (Greens Healthstores in Leigh) and concentrated, powdered sulphate is available from .


Sea Buckthorn

Available as berries, juice or as a supplement, sea buckthorn reduces the effects of radiation. However, it is high in amines so should be avoided by those with sensitivity to glutamine and MSG or who have pyrroluria.



Chaga is a medicinal mushroom that is high in antioxidants and helps mop up radiation (



Shungite molecules are formed in a unique structure called a fullerene that mops up radiation (see handout). Shungite pebbles can be added to drinking water.


Radiation Protection Tea (from The Medical Medium)

  • Atlantic kelp
  • Atlantic dulse
  • Dandelion Leaf
  • Nettle Leaf

Blend in equal parts and steep 1tbs of the mixture per cup.


Other Methods:

Bicarbonate of Soda Baths

Sodium bicarbonate binds to uranium.  You can soak in a bath to which you have added 250 – 500g sodium bicarbonate.


Far Infrared Saunas

Help strengthen your own energy field. The weaker your own energy field the easier it is to be swamped by external energy fields.  Regular use of far infrared saunas have been found to decrease sensitivity to EMF’s.


Physiokey, Sanakey, Scenar neuro-stimulation treatments

Regular use strengthens your immune and detoxification systems and balances cell polarity (electrical charge) and strengthens your own energy field.


Homoeopathic Radiation Remedies

Bluetooth, Tetra, X-Ray and cell phone frequencies have been made into homoeopathic remedies which can be taken either in ascending potencies as a detox, or daily or before X-Ray, flying, etc. Available from .


Ki Science Ray Wave

Developed by Dr Klinghardt, Ray Wave contains coriandolo, rosemary and propolis, and is available from .


Warning: Salt Rock Lamps

Regina Martino states in her book ‘Shungite – Protection, Healing and Detoxification’ that only the salt rocks with candles are beneficial and that those powered by electricity magnify the effect.


Recommended Reading:

The EMF Plague Part One by Donna Fisher published in Nexus March 2017.

Light that Heals  by Donna Fisher.


Please also see my Blogs on How to protect your Brain against Electromagnetic Pollution, How to Protection your Children against Electromagnetic Pollution and Say No to Smart Metres.


Links and (Ireland) (type in ‘EMF Watch’) (British Society for Ecological Medicine)




[1] We get far infrared from sunlight.

[i] Dr Hans Nieper, Cancer Specialist,  has found 92% cancer patients are in geopathically stressed homes. Geopathic stress can be measured using ART.

[ii] Shungite has a special atomic structure called a fullerene that mops up radiation