Treatment at Arc Healthcare provides you with a personalised programme which includes nutrition, naturopathy, homeopathy and scenar meaning you wouldn’t have to consult several different practitioners.

What to expect:

Treatment begins with an initial one-and-a-quarter-hour consultation here in Essex, or over the phone, to allow me to understand your health needs.  After your first appointment a bespoke treatment plan will be prepared for you.

Also available is genotyping assessment for an individual nutritional programme suited to you unique genetic make-up with lifelong access to online recipes and an eating plan which you can adapt to your changing needs.

Initial Consultations

First consultation and Personalised Programme

Adult – £200   Child – £150

Genotyping (Personalised Nutritional and Lifestyle Assessment)



Follow-up appointments are charged Pro-Rata:-

Consultation 30 minutes – £50

Consultation 45 minutes – £75

Consultation 60 minutes – £100

Programme amendments – £30